Ralph Nordstrom Photography
Stout Grove, Redwood National Park, California
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Green Wilderness
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Bixby Bridge (2012)

Bixby Bridge, Big Sur, California

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Bixby Bridge (2012)
Big Sur, California

The Big Sur Coast affirms the grandeur of nature.  Sheer cliffs drop hundreds of feet into the roiling surf.  In wintertime, swollen streams launch over waterfalls.  Peaceful redwood groves filter the glorious light.  It is a sanctuary of nature.

Few man-made structures blend with the beauty of this area.  Most feel like an intrusion.  But the Bixby Bridge is an exception.  Its graceful span arches above Bixby Creek far below.  Its beauty delights travelers, many of whom feel compelled to stop, stare at it awe and photograph their loved ones against the backdrop of the bridge.

On this particular afternoon the sunlight was perfect, giving the bridge a warm glow against the cool blues of the Pacific Ocean.  The gracefulness of the arch is mirrored in the long shadow it casts in the canyon below.

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