2013 Photography Workshop Schedule Preview

July 29th, 2012
by doinlight

I’m busy putting together the 2013 Photography Workshop schedule.  We’ll be going back to some of the great places I love taking people to.  But I’m also adding a new location that I think you will find very exciting.  Here’s a preview of what I’m considering.


February we’re going back to one of my all time favorites – Death Valley.  This is one of our largest National Parks and is filled with wonders at every turn.  It’s always exciting to be there.




In March we’ll be back in Joshua Tree National Park for the annual Joshua Tree Gathering.  This is a weekend of camping, fun, food and photography.  This has become quite an affair and it’s something I do to give back to the photography community.



Here’s a hint as to what I have in mind for late May or early June.  Bet this hint isn’t difficult to figure out.  And this will be the perfect time to be there.  I’m still working out the details but will announce it as soon as they are finalized.





Big Sur is such a stunning place, it would be a shame not to hold a workshop there. And we’re going back in 2013.  I haven’t finalized the date yet but we’ll be there.  You can count on it.




A year of photography would not be complete without returning to Zion National Park in Utah.  We’ll be back in mid to late August.  Zion is such a peaceful place, I always look forward to it.  It’s a place where many people recharge their batteries.



I’ve always felt that if you’ve gone to the trouble of traveling to Zion you owe it to yourself to finish the week in Bryce Canyon National Park.  So that’s what we do – two photography workshops back to back.  Most students do as I do, take them both.  And we have special pricing for those that do.




So 2013 will be another great year of photography, returning to the places I love and adding a new one.

To me, a photography workshop is about more than shooting great locations; it’s also about growing as a photographer and artist.  I like to work with each student individually to develop their technical skills.  But equally important is developing their expressive skills.  Photography is art and through art we as artists share our vision of the world.  Becoming an artist is the process of opening yourself up to the world around you and experiencing it more deeply.  Then capturing that experience in your photographs.  This is our focus in our workshops.

If you know of someone who might be interested in a photography workshop in 2013 please feel free to share this blog post with them or post it on your Facebook page.  There are links at the top of the post for this purpose.  By the way, I offer a very attractive discount for anyone who brings another student along with them.

So come on out and join us and bring a friend.  Click here to check us out.

You can also check out our photography.  Click here.

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  • Hi Ralph,

    I have been taking photographs since the age of 10 and spend 35 years as a serious photographer, both amateur and professional, using film and Nikon products. Now retired and a senior citizen, I renewed my interest in serious photography in 2009 with a digital SLR and am continually teaching myself how to work with photo-editing software. Even at my age (70) and with my experience you can always learn more — particularly landscape and nature photography — I did primarily industrial and architectural photography as a pro. So I’m always interested in workshops especially those that are reasonably priced. I’m interested in shooting in the following locations: Death Valley, northeastern Arizona (Monument Valley, slot canyons etc), Sequoyah and Kings Canyon; Baja California (Sea of Cortez) and Big Sur (I’ve shot there many times but not in recent years and revisiting Pfieffer Beach, Limekiln and Point Lobos would be lots of fun.

    I’ll sign on to your blog, but please keep me informed about the dates and prices of workshop. At my age, I think its safer and more comfortable to be photographing in a group rather than going off on my own. Some of my recent digital work and some scans from my archives are viewable at the websites I’ve listed.

    Thank you,

    Larry Goldman

    • doinlight says:

      It would be wonderful seeing you on one of our workshops. With your background you would have a lot to share with the other participants. I really enjoy sharing ideas with prhotogrpahers from disciplines other than landscape photography. We have so much to learn from each other.

      Thank you for signing up for my blog posts and newsletters. I will definitely keep you informed on upcoming workshops. And thanks for the great list. By the way, it’s not been published yet but we’ll be doing Death Valley on February 9-12, 2013. You’re the first to know.

      Kind regards,

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