2012 Joshua Tree Annual Fine Art Festival

March 31st, 2012
by doinlight

The 2012 Joshua Tree Fine Art Festival is coming up next weekend.  The dates are Friday, April 6 to Sunday, April 8.  I’m excited to be returning and catching up with old friends.  This is the first art festival I ever did and so returning is like a homecoming.  The festival is at the Oasis Visitor Center in Twentynine Palms, CA.  The hours are 9:00 to 5:00.  Come on out and see some great art.

I’ll be showing some old favorites along with some new photographs I’m very excited about.  As far as the old favorites go I’m planning on showing Virgin River and the Watchman from Zion National Park.


This has proved to be my most popular photograph and has won awards.  It was captured on Thanksgiving day back in 2008.  I was in Zion with my wife and daughter for the Thanksgiving weekend.  I slipped out for this sunset and caught a beauty.  Beginners luck!  I’ve returned many times but never with light this good.  (By the way, to get a better view of the photographs you can enlarge them by clicking on them.)

To go along with the Watchman is another photograph taken that same weekend along the Riverside Walk to the Gateway to the Narrows.  When my family is with me we always do this walk.  It’s our favorite – for obvious reasons.


Also among the favorites will be two photographs from Antelope Canyon in northern Arizona.

Lower Antelope Canyon 1 2008

This photograph of Lower Antelope Canyon is one of my favorites.  When I show it at art festivals I’m often asked if it’s a Peter Lik photograph.


Big difference though.  I don’t sell mine for $2M – at least not yet.

My wife’s favorite is Spirit Bear.  It’s from Upper Antelope Canyon.  Can you see the bear?


From Death Valley I have a couple of old favorites.  Seems like I can’t do a show without these two photographs. They’re from Zabriskie Point, probably my most favorite location to shoot in Death Valley.

Death Valley Zabriskie Point Sunrise Tapestry 2 b

Zabriskie Point Tapestry #4

I have some new photographs from Death Valley that I’m very excited about.  The first is a photograph I searched for for three years.  It’s from the Mesquite Flats Dunes and I finally got it in February 2011.


What I was trying to accomplish was show the dunes as reflections of the rugged mountains in the background from which they came.  I wasn’t after the soft, sensuous image that is so common with dunes.  I wanted to show a different side of them.  The hunt was worth the effort.

Another new Death Valley photograph is a sunrise image I got this past February.  It’s not of any place that has a particular name.  It’s just on the north end of West Side Road where it crosses the salt flats.  I noticed it the previous afternoon when entering the Valley and thought it would make a good sunrise location.  So I came back early the following morning and was definitely not disappointed.


It’s probably the best Death Valley photograph I’ve taken and ranks up there with the all-time best.

Since the Eastern Sierra rise above the Mojave Desert in the Owens Valley I’ll be including some of those photographs.  Probably my most beautiful Bristlecone Pine photograph is this one taken in 2008.


People sometimes ask me if I dropped the moon in.  Nope, that’s one thing I won’t do.  I planned that shot for a couple of years and was greatly rewarded.

There’s a new Eastern Sierra photograph that I just love.  I got it June of 2011.  We had some great weather and unbelievable light a couple of mornings in the Alabama Hills.  This one of Lone Pine Peak caught the light at its best, bestowing a subtle and very approachable countenance on this majestic and mighty peak.


But an art show in Joshua Tree must have some photographs of, well, Joshua Tree.  The old favorites are these two.

Cholla Gardens

Ocotillo Patch Morning

These have always been well received and Cholla Garden (the first one) has also won awards.  It was also used in an article on Joshua Tree National Park in the Jan-Feb 2012 issue of The Saturday Evening Post.  And Ocotillo Dawn (the bottom one) was actually photographed during a JT Art Festival a few years ago when a few of us photographers slipped out at 5:00 that Saturday morning to get in a sunrise in the park.

Another photograph that was featured in The Saturday Evening Post article was one I call Pas de Deux.


A lot of us have photographed this juniper and rock, each giving it our own interpretation.  This is mine.

Last year we also went out for a sunrise shoot during the festival and had one of the most beautiful desert sunrises I’ve ever seen in Queen Valley or anywhere else in Joshua Tree.


And finally, here is another sunrise photograph from the Pinto Basin taken this month (March 2012) at the Joshua Tree Gathering.  I really love the layers and sense of depth while at the same time showing the richness of the desert.


So that’s it.  Come on out and see these for real.  Again, the dates are Friday, April 6 to Sunday, April 8, 2012.  We’ll be at the National Park visitor center in Twentynine Palms, CA.  The hours are from 9:00 to 5:00.  See you there.

If you know of anyone who might enjoy these photographs or enjoy coming out the desert this weekend please feel free to forward this post to them or share it on Facebook or Twitter.  There’s a link at the beginning of the post.  Also, please feel free to join the conversation and share a comment.  I always enjoy hearing from you.

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