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Fine Art Photography in Joshua Tree National Park

September 24th, 2014

This past weekend I just completed a photography class for the Joshua Tree National Park Desert Institute.  We spent the weekend photographing in the park where we found some fantastic light and had some incredible opportunities that I’d like to share with you.

The title of the class is “Fine Art Photography in Joshua Tree National Park” and the emphasis is on not only becoming a better photographer but also growing as an artist.  There were four eager and enthusiastic students.  We photographed together, camped together, shared meals together and generally had a great time together.


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Best of 2012 – Results

February 6th, 2014

The results are in and you have selected your favorite photographs of 2012.  Before presenting the results let me just say how much I appreciate the input from everyone that participated.  This has been an exciting experience for me and I hope you had fun.

So, on to the results.  There were eight photographs in the final runoff.  They were the top two of their categories – California Deserts, Big Sur, Eastern Sierra and Zion National Park.  So each one is a winner in it’s own right.

Let’s start with number 8 – Sunrise, North Lake.


North Lake is in the Eastern Sierra just outside the town of Bishop,, California.  It is one of three lakes that are up Bishop Creek.  North Lake sets itself apart from the other two (Sebrina and South Lakes) in that it is naturel.  Besides being the smallest there is no dam to back up water and generate electricity.  The only development is a pack station at its head.  And there’s a rustic campsite upstream a little ways.  I always return to this same location because of the boulders in the foreground, the soft grasses and the snag in the middle ground.  The colors at sunrise are magnificent with the cool blues and greens that are still in the shade and the bright warm morning light on the peak in the back.  I get a strong feeling that all is well with the world when I’m there.

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Lightroom Tutorial – Diamonds in the Haystack

March 11th, 2012

I got a comment on a recent post on workflow.  (Lightroom Tutorial – Workflow)

The question was if there was a way in Lightroom to sort through a large number of photographs to select the ones you want to work on.

Here’s the situation.  You’ve just returned from a five day workshop.  And you have a thousand or so photographs.  Now we know that not everyone of these images is a keeper.  Personally, I’m delighted if I get four or five keepers from a five day workshop.  Hey, given the vagaries of weather and light, I’m happy if I get one.

But the prospect of sifting through hundreds and even thousands of images can be a bit overwhelming.  So here’s what I do.

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February Print of the Month

January 31st, 2009

Announcing the February Print of the Month – Upper Antelope Canyon 4. 

Nearly every landscape photographer aspires to photograph the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons.  And thousands have.  For the February Print of the Month I have chosen a photograph I took back in February of last year.  I think it’s different from the typical Antelope Canyon photograph you see – no shaft of light, no tortuous corridor, but rather a glorious, dramatic portal into another existence. 

Upper Antelope Canyon #4 (2008)


Upper Antelope Canyon #4 is available for the month of February, 2009 for 1/3 the normal price.  This applies to 16X20 open edition prints, both matted and framed. 

Click here for more Print of the Month photographs. 

Click here to go to the Gallery.


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Great Training DVD

January 13th, 2009

I’m always buying photography books and on the lookout for good DVDs.  I like the books because I can read them at my leisure.  And if they contain assignments at the end of each chapter that’s even better.  DVDs, on the other hand, can be even better because you can see the photographer in action.

But not all DVDs live up to this level of expectation.  Sure, you can get see where the photographers are photographing.  And often you can see what they captured.  But all too often you aren’t privy to what is going through their minds.  Well, I found a DVD that sets the standard.

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The Survey is Closed

May 18th, 2008

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey.  The third submission for the 2008 Orange County Fair has been determined.  The three submissions will be


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