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September 16th, 2012
by doinlight

I just finished posting a batch of new photographs on my website. They are from three different ‘shoots.’  I’d like to tell you a little about each of the shoots and share the photographs with you.

I don’t put anything up on my website until I get prints that I’m satisfied with.  Another way of putting it – a photograph isn’t done until it looks great on paper.  I’ve made large prints of all of these and, I must confess, I’m very pleased.  I’ll be matting and framing them and showing them to the public for the first time this weekend at the Old Monterey Fine Arts Festival in Monterey, California.  If you’re in the area Saturday or Sunday, stop in and say Hi.

Big Sur

I have two photographs to share from last month’s Big Sur photography workshop.  We covered famous Highway 1 from San Simeon to Carmel-by-the-Sea.  The weather was clear, the sun was bright and an on-shore wind made for some great surf. 

I chose two photographs to put on the website.  The first is Bixby Bridge.  I’m not normally into photographing man-made structures.  But this one turned out so well with great light and a sense of its gracefulness and size that I had to include it.  Click on the link to see the photograph and read more about it.

View Bixby Bridge (2012)

The other photograph is China Cove in Point Lobos State Park.  I’ve always been impressed with its rugged serenity and, with the soft light of an overcast day helping out, I think I finally got a photograph that captures it.

View China Cove (2012)



We took a family vacation to the Big Island of Hawaii in July.  Now, family vacations normally do not present opportunities for any serious photography.  In fact, I brought my big Canon along but left it in our time share – except for this one day.

We were told of a road on the east side of the island called Scenic Drive.  We had never noticed it before so we looked for it this time.  It was late in the afternoon when we were on our way back from Volcanoes National Park that we found the road and descended down towards the cliffs above the ocean through a dense rain forest.  We hadn’t been told about Onomea Bay but just stumbled on it.  We hiked down the worn track to the water and were rewarded with an incredible experience, a mixture of strong surf and soft, warm light.  I had all my camera gear and got these keepers.

View Onomea Bay, Sunset (2012)

View Onomea Bay, Surf (2012)

View Onomea Bay, Vignette (2012)

Canyon de Chelly

Finally, last month we were driving my daughter to school in Colorado from our home in Southern California.  We took the southern route along much of Route 66.  But, being just an hour’s drive from Chinle, AZ I talked the family into spending one of our nights there.

In the morning we made an all too brief visit to Canyon de Chelly National Monument.  The biggest attraction for me was Spider Rock and that was the first place we stopped.  And it produced this keeper.

View Spider Rock (2012)

Summing It All Up

You may have heard me talk about Creative Vocabulary in the past.  These are the skills and techniques we acquire as we grow as photographers and artists.  It’s also the way our ‘eye’ develops for subjects and compositions as we gain experience.  The end result is we’re able to create more expressive photographs.

I look back over my own growth as an artist and how my creative vocabulary has grown and realize that some of these photographs I’m sharing with you today are images I could not have captured, oh, say, a couple of years ago.  Both what I see and how I capture it has changed and grown a great deal.

I’ve learned a lot and I’m eager to share it in my workshops.  I think we all benefit when we openly share what we have learned.  I get excited thinking about the expressive qualities of the photographs I creating today.  And I always get a great deal of satisfaction when I’m able to share that with others.

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