Privacy Statement

Your Personal Information

If you entrust your personal contact information to us by becoming a customer, signing up for our newsletter, becoming a friend or fan on Facebook, commenting on our blog, sending us emails or whatever, we won't share it with anyone.  Ever.  Period.

Your contact information is stored in a premier email marketing service that I use (Vertical Response) and they won't share it with anyone either.  If they did I'd delete all the data and drop them like a hot potato.

Website Visits

We track visits to our website pages but have no idea who you are.  We might know what city you live in or search terms you used to find us on Google but nothing more than that.

If you land on one of our website pages as the result of a search, again, we don't have a clue who you are.  The same holds true of you come by way of Facebook.  All of the information we collect or that is collected for us is to determine how effective our website is or our ad campaigns are but not who you are.

We do track visits to our website and our tracking software may place a cookie on your computer.  (If you block cookies no cookie will be placed.)  But the tracking is done anonymously.  No information is gathered that could possibly identify who you are.

We like to be treated this way with the vendors we use and websites we visit and therefore treat you the same way.